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Kolbensrød Camping
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Kolbensrød Camping is a family camping park, beautifully located in the inner bay of the Naverfjord – a very popular place to spend the summer holiday. The park has been well known since its start in the 1950s, but has gone through gradual changes in modernisation and expansion during the last 20 years. We have around 100 caravans here on an annual basis, and we are currently expanding. Some of our guests have been with us since the very start. In the year of 2000, we erected a brand new service building. However, due to an increased demand of new guests, we put up an additional new and bigger service building in 2004. On our park site, the separate caravan units offered are very spacious, and you will find power outlets to fit both 10A and 16A fuses. We own two beautiful sand beaches, one shoal for some distance, so it is more suitable for families with young children. They are both suitable for people of all ages. The area can offer extraordinary nature experiences and adventurous possibilities of fishing, hiking or scenic walks. The camping site is fortunately positioned, as you get to enjoy the evening sun in the late hours. The characteristic features of the coastal line, with the slopes of the naked rocks and a environment you won’t find any other place – will impress you during the quiet day and the rare rough weather.
Service building
We provide two brand new, modern service buildings to our guests. One was put up in 2000, and we finished the second one in 2004. They both have toilets, showers, washing machines and dryers. With our new service building, we will be able to provide our guests with a small kitchen, for cooking possibilities. All our service buildings are accessible for our guests with wheelchairs.

The Miele key card system is utilized to enter our service buildings. The Miele card is the same size as a credit card, and contain different amounts of credit, depending on how much you would like to use our facilities. The Miele card is the most widespread key card on all the camping sites in the surrounding area, but they are all encoded to ONLY fit that specific site. So the key cards cannot be used elsewhere than at our site. We will charge a small deposit for the cards, as they are rechargeable, and should not be disposed of.
Other facilities
The surrounding camping parks have small kiosks, that can provide you with the basic needs. They also have a small kiosk selling icecream, cold drinks, magazines, and you can hire boats or canoes here. In the evening, the take-away shop sells fast food; hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, kebabas, pizzas etc.

The nearest city is Stavern, where you can find a broad selection of grocery shops, gas station, post office, banks and restaurants. The seafood restaurant located at the harbour side, overlooking the Citadel, is definitely worth a visit. During the summer holiday, the population triples and it turns into an extremely popular place. The annual Happy Days Festival in Stavern is the most popular tourist attraction in this area of Norway. Every day is packed with different activities, markeds, shows etc, with free admission. 

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